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Get to know more about WindTripper by going back to where it all began.

How WindTripper Started

Wind damage is no small matter. When you think about tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms, and other similar catastrophes, the common denominator is that these all create strong winds that can wreak havoc on your home. Regardless of their speed, high winds can damage your property, potentially cause injury, and, in severe cases, detach your roof from your home.

  • Severe winds can happen at any time, and without adequate protection in place, your home can suffer major consequences. Take charge of your safety and preserve your property’s structural integrity today with our WindTripper.

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The idea of having no roof over your head is something you rarely or never think about. However, as unfortunate as it can be, this situation happens in real life. What many do not realize is that roofs are highly vulnerable and susceptible to wind damage, especially since winds often hit the edges of your roof, and these are the parts that are already loose, to begin with.

To make it worse, roof damage is just the start of other major consequences from severe winds. The moment the wind hits your roof, it will only be a matter of time before another structural damage happens. Next, water can enter your home and start hitting other parts of your foundational structure. Later on, other indoor parts will be compromised and damaged.

From here, the idea behind WindTripper was born. We thought to ourselves: Is there a solution that would mitigate wind damage and keep your roof in its proper place? So, after a long time of research and ideation, we founded the company in 2008.


Combatting Wind Damage


The WindTripper is a patent-pending aerodynamic device that we have designed to attach to the edges of your roof, the very area that is most vulnerable against high winds. When the wind speed increases and the wind blows hard, it presses down on the edges to prevent your roof and roofing material from lifting off.

Given that our WindTripper is patent-pending, you can be assured that our device is uniquely designed. We are taking wind protection to the next level with an innovative approach that ensures your roof stays secure and attached, even though the winds are blowing extremely hard. The installation is extremely quick, simple, and easy since it simply attaches to the edges of your roof.

After installation, the WindTripper will look like an extension of your roof edge, so you need not worry about design constraints or any new disturbances in your roof area. If you have any concerns about how the device is installed or how it works, our team will be happy to assist you with the process. 

Your safety matters more to us than anything else

Protecting Our Customers

When we first built the WindTripper, we were looking for a way to maximize our customers’ safety and minimize the damage that wind can inflict on their property. While we may not prevent the winds from happening, we can take action early and protect your home to ensure that you and your future are safe.

The WindTripper is the ultimate wind mitigation device that will help secure not just your roof but your overall property before problems arise. However, the moment you overlook the damage that your roof sustains from the strong winds, you potentially open up your home to several other structural damage issues that can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

At WindTripper, we prioritize our customers above anything else. Our main goal is to help you keep your roof and home are still standing strong against the harsh weather. Over the years, we have worked with countless customers and helped them protect their properties with our device. Moving forward, our vision is to continue serving more customers and better communicating the importance of wind protection.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get wind protection for your home. Roof damage is one of the most overlooked problems arising from a windstorm, hurricane, or tornado. Thus, it is important to be more than ready for these situations and take charge of your safety by securing your roof and minimizing damage.

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